About Me

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria, Assaad Khalaf is portrayed as an exceptional yet visionary artist. Formerly trained as an architect, Khalaf discovered his passion for fashion during his early studies at the Damascus University in Syria.

Assaad grasped his first sartorial skills during the time he spent overlooking and learning from local tailors. Consequently, his passion flourished inspiring him to open his first atelier in the heart of the city of Damascus, further underlining his first steps into his profession in the fashion world. His designs proved to promptly draw the attention of Middle Eastern women ranging from the luxury class, stars and local influencers.



Like the sea …
stormy and wild
calm and serene
eternal and boundless …
She loves the serene brutality of it,
loves the electric power she felt with
each breath of wet briny air …
Delicate but not Fragile
Modern but not Senseless
Sophisticated but not Complicated…


And suddenly ..
she knows,
its time to start the new,
and trust the magic of beginnings …
She wasn’t looking for a Knight
to lead her way,
she was seeking her inner flame
to lighten her path …
She knew she was powerful,
and she went on chasing her dreams
despite the fear …